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West African Peanut Bites | Kanya

West African Peanut Bites | Kanya


  • that’s it!
  • kanya remind me of fudge, but with a drier, slightly crunchy texture thanks to the toasted rice flour.
  • there’s just one catch (there always is, isn’t there?)…
  • if you want to make kanya the old fashioned way, you’re going to need arms of steel to push, and punch, and grind the mixture until it is so pulverized that it begins to stick together. women in sierra leone (and beyond) know this art well and can be found patiently pounding grains and peanuts in the dappled sunlight, laughing and talking all the while.
  • when i read about kanya, i knew i had to try them, but i also knew hours of grinding wasn’t an option, so i whizzed them together in my food processor instead. i may have donated my microwave and bread machine early on during this adventure, but i don’t think i could ever say goodbye to the food processor or blender.
  • the good news? if you pulverize the kanya in a food processor, you’ll be done in ten minutes from start to finish.
  • the bad news? you might have to go to the gym to get the strong arms.
  • woman in sierra leone. photo by steve evans.